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Welcome to Somerset Hearing Center your resource for optimum hearing care and service in the Somerset, New Jersey area. Our goal is to make the most of every patient's hearing potential. If you've ever wanted to know more about hearing health for you or someone you love, you've come to the right place.

 Make the most out of life with healthy hearing! You're just a click away from the latest news on hearing health and hearing loss including the newest advances in digital hearing instruments.  


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  • Full range of Assistive Listening Devices including:
  • TV listening systems, amplified telephones, special alerting devices for doorbells and phones, special clock and alarm for hearing impaired

What causes hearing loss?

Many things can cause hearing loss. Most hearing loss is caused by a combination of aging and other events or agents that damage our hearing. A few of these include noise exposure, disease, ear infections, high fevers, head injury, and forms of genetic deafness. While a few medical causes of hearing loss can be treated, the most effective solution is usually hearing aids.             

Did you know ? 

  • More than 9 million (30%) Americans over 65 have a hearing loss
  • More than 10 million (14%) Americans between 45 and 64 have a hearing loss
  • 8 million between 18 and 44 suffer from hearing loss
  • 7 million children are affected by hearing loss
  • 6 out of 7 middle-aged Americans and 3 out of 5 older Americans with a hearing loss do not wear a hearing aid.

You, or someone you love, may be experiencing a hearing loss if...

  • You have to strain to hear when someone talks

  • You hear conversation, but having difficulty understanding the words

  • You turn the volume up on your radio or TV louder than others prefer

  • You have difficulty following conversation in a restaurant or group situation

  • You have to ask others to repeat themselves

We at Somerset Hearing Center can help. With compassionate and dedicated hearing care service, our staff is committed to providing you and your family members with the most up-to-date advances in hearing aid technology.


Smita Hiremath, AuD, CCC/A, Supervising Licensee, NJ Hearing Aid Dispenser, License #MG98600